About Me

My name is Carol Berridge and I  have been interested in photography most of my life.  It has always been such a thrill for me to get my photos back from the photo lab and look at them.  I still feel that same thrill of seeing my photos! With digital cameras now I don't have to wait as long!  

I started out in high school taking photos of friends and family and activities for fun.  Then when I was blessed to have my children (and now grandchildren) they of course became the stars in my photos. Finally after many years of photographing family and friends I have been able to pursue my dream of being a photographer with the encouragement of my family and friends who have always believed in my ability (Thanks everyone).  My family sometimes even gets to come along on shoots with me and work with me as my "assistant".  

I love that I can capture photographs for people at special times in their lives like graduation, weddings, retirements, birthdays, sports or just plain having fun!   It helps us to remember the special people in our lives.  My family has always been a special part in my life and I cherish the photos of those times that I have had with them and I like to help others capture their memories in time! 

Thanks for stopping by!l